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I found a love for music at a young age

agosto 06, 2017 1 min read

The fascination of music help me evolve into the person I am today. the culture really created a turning point in my life. as an outlet to connect to the world rhythm and beats were huge in my community. The people and the history of music will forever stay with me. I use it to brainstorm and  as an outlet from negativity. When i'm not focused and when the vibe is right everything changes for the better. Hip hop  and art were the first things I really connected with and since then I've been a creative mind all the time. Ideas for anything that  I seen almost to the point where I felt like s perfectionist I just always had a vision. From the great sounds of Busta Rhymes and Wutang clan I felt like this music brings life and the rest fell into place "whoo ha whoo haa I got you all in check"  My eyes lit up my mother had seen the videos and laughed to this wild man Busta rhymes on the tv screen he is colorful and vibrant and hes speaking with his hands in the air. Yo MTV rap was on and it was great. I will forever be thankful for music.